I’m a Cool Parent: Room Decorating 101

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Retro hobbies have been making a comeback since the start of the global health crisis in 2020. Knitting, baking bread, vegetable gardening—these hobbies have been a trend in the past year as we have been trying to survive the loneliness of the quarantine period. Since the retro vibe has been making waves even on TikTok with roller skating, perhaps this is a great time for parents to get in touch with their younger selves while also connecting with their teenage kids.

Room decorating has always been a fun activity for teenagers, especially if they are given the freedom to decorate it however they want. Decorating your teenager’s room could be a fun bonding session for you and your kid during this quarantine period. Be open-minded about their choices in design and give them the freedom they want to express themselves through small details in their room.

One thing that could enhance the customization of your teenager’s room is having authentic signed movie memorabilia hanging on their wall or displayed on their bedside table. A pop culture reference is always welcome when it comes to the room decorating experience.

Decorating a Teenager’s Room

When it comes to decorating your teenager’s room, personalization is always the key to a great design. No matter how big or small your kid’s room is, there is always room for style. Get to know your kid more during this quarantine period so that you can learn how to incorporate your kid’s style into their bedroom.

Studying from home is no joke, and our teenagers need all the help we can give them to get over the lack of motivation. Nowadays, teenagers are piled with schoolwork at home that may often lead to burnout. Help them get over the school slump by allowing them to style their bedroom and study area however they want. This could provide inspiration and motivation during study hours.

Here are some bedroom design inspirations if you need a little boost:

Accent lighting is a trend online these days. You can use LED light strips to decorate your teenager’s walls to make them luminous and magical at night. This is especially adorable for teenagers who are fond of stars and anything related to outer space because it gives that astronomy feel.

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Matte chalkboard paint can be used to paint a part of your teenager’s wall to turn it into a blackboard. This could be some sort of a freedom wall for your kid’s inner thoughts and emotions. This blackboard could be a great accent wall for a rock-themed bedroom. If your kid is into rock music, this will be a great idea for them.

Almost every teenager is fond of taking photos these days, but not many of them like to print them out like in the old days. Teach your kid the value and excitement of having physical photos by suggesting decorating one wall full of printed memories. Give them the freedom to choose which photos to display. It doesn’t have to be all about your family. Allow them to display their photos with their friends as well.

A vanity mirror is a great addition to a dresser counter. Any makeup-loving teenager will be happy and excited to have one, so they can take videos and photos of themselves with that glamorous glow. It will be perfect for their Instagram and Facebook content.

Decorating your teenage kid’s room is an exciting activity, and it can be a great bonding session for both of you. Just don’t forget that this is about their preferences and style, so don’t be afraid to suggest ideas but also remember to allow them the freedom to decide on their own.

Being a Cool Mom (or Dad)

Allowing your teenager to decorate their room based on their style can greatly add “cool mom points” to your tally. Many parents tend to want to be their child’s best friend, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is always good to have a good relationship with your child no matter their age. However, it may become problematic when a parent doesn’t know where to cross the line in the relationship. Find out what makes a “cool mom” so that you can take some time to reflect on yourself.

As a cool mom, you have to be clear about your role as a parent. You have to maintain structure and continue to provide safety for your child, no matter what age they are in.

Learn about your child’s interests by talking to them and engaging with them genuinely in discussions. In line with this is having open and non-judgmental conversations about difficult topics such as drugs and romantic relationships.

You should also be able to hear and tolerate the wide range of your child’s emotions as they continue growing up. This will allow your child to experience the freedom to express their emotions in a healthy environment.

These are some ways you can be a “cool mom” to your teenager. Being a lovable parent means having the power to get to know your child on a personal level without compromising their safety. You still have control, yet you have already earned their trust and understanding. Becoming a parent is a difficult journey, but it is always rewarding, no matter what others may say.

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