Excited About Your Salon Appointment Post-lockdown? Here’s How It Looks Like


Did you miss your salon appointments during the lockdown? We all did. But as the pandemic eased out, restrictions are lifted across many regions. With this, our salon experts are all set to open their doors post lockdown, of course, with certain measures. With the doors opening, hairdressers are facing full appointments at their salons. But the crisis has had a big impact on how the salons operate.

Be it one-time use tools such as disposable cutting sheets or multi-time use tools such as revolving curling irons, everything will be sanitized. The focus has completely shifted towards ensuring our safety. With this focus shift, we will be witnessing many changes in our regular salons. Here are some changes to expect.

How Salon Practices Will Change Post-lockdown

While there will be several minute changes during your salon appointments, here are the primary ones.

Walk-ins will not be entertained

Gone are the days when you were able to walk into a salon for that blow-dry. Now, each time you want to get in, an appointment might be required. This is one of the most drastic changes that you will see. This will allow the salon operators to regulate their customers efficiently.


It might be irritating as you would not be able to get as and when you like, but it is also essential. Salons are advised to operate while maintaining certain guidelines, which also include maintaining distancing. By eliminating the walk-ins, they will prevent overcrowding. This will abide by the law of distancing and reduce the chances of spreading the novel coronavirus.

Salon pampering will change

Want to spend hours in a salon after such a long wait? Well, you won’t be able to. With almost everyone waiting for hairdressing due to lockdown, the salon operators can’t serve everyone best. While they will try their best to serve you, it is doubtful that they hear your special requests.

The thing is that the meaning of pampering has completely changed due to lockdown. If you are used to sitting in the waiting area after showing up early, get used to the opposite now. Some salons have eliminated the use of waiting rooms. Instead, they ask the customers who arrive early to stand outside the salon to maintain social distancing.

The welcoming style will also have changed. Don’t be surprised if you see the receptionist checking your temperature instead of asking you for some refreshment drinks.

Minimal contact will be required

Contact-less gestures will be on the rise to prevent the spread of Covid. You might want to sit relaxed and read those magazines. But the removal of any reading materials is something we will witness in the salon post-lockdown. Similarly, even the brochure might not be available. That might either be accessed through your smartphones or shown by the receptionist. Irritating, of course, but for your own safety.

You will also be likely paying for all your appointments digitally. As the virus spreads through contact, cashless payment will be promoted as well as preferred. This will be to eliminate any potential risk of transmission of the virus through hard cash.

online payment

PPE will be everywhere

The greetings from the salon staff will be different this time. When you enter the salon and the staff greets you with hello or welcome, you might look up at their face and reply. But then you will realize that their face is covered with a mask. Not just theirs, even your face will be covered. Of course, you will not like it. But that’s how it is going to be.

That’s not just the story with face masks. The entire PPE kit will be around you. The stylists will be providing service to you while wearing a complete doctor/dentist like PPE. This includes face masks, gloves, caps, and visors.

The towels and gowns used at the salon will also be disposable. Even if they are not disposable, they are unlikely to be used twice. Most salons are practicing the use of disposable equipment. On the other hand, those who are not using disposable pieces of equipment are using them once and washing them at high temperatures after the use.

There’s no denying that our salon appointments will not be the same again, at least for a few months, if not a year. But do remember that all these measures are taken for your own safety. While they are making such great efforts, even you need to ensure that you cooperate with them. Ensure booking an appointment before showing up at a salon. Also, please take note of all the new practices at the salon and abide by them.

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