Fun Activities to Do on Mother’s Day

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In just a few weeks, the whole world will be celebrating Mother’s Day once again.

Just in the U.S. alone, people are planning on spending $28 billion for this year’s Mother’s Day celebration. This figure is a considerable increase from the $14.6 billion expenditure in 2010.

While it might sound cliche, the best gift you can give your Mom on Mother’s Day is your time.

With the COVID-19 cases continuously increasing, it is still tricky for families to spend time together, though. However, there are still plenty of ways to make Mother’s Day special.

Go beyond the typical Mother’s Day card and gifts with these nifty suggestions.

#1 Cook Her a Family Recipe

Every family has at least one recipe that is passed down from generation to generation. These heirloom recipes could be anything from homemade banana bread to Lemon Meringue Pie or Beef Pot Roast to Baby Back Ribs.

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, why not cook your mom the famous family dish? Though it might be a bit of pressure, your mom will surely love the gesture.

#2 Throw a Real or a Virtual Tea Party

Mother’s Day falls during the best time of the year — the weather is warm, flowers and trees are blooming — making it the perfect time to spend some time outside with your family having tea.

Even though you might be living away from your mom and cannot visit, you can still have a Mother’s Day tea party with her remotely.

Send along a gift basket for her and get one for yourself. You two can nibble on something while the two of you talk over Skype or Facetime.

#3 Prepare a Brunch in Her Honor

Let your mom sleep in during Mother’s Day and wake her up with a nicely prepared brunch. Do not forget to serve her a cup of coffee and a glass of mimosa.

Another option would be to enjoy a brunch outing on Mother’s Day. Since Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday, which is the universal day for brunch, take your Mom to her favorite brunch place.

Do not forget to call ahead and make a reservation. Most restaurants have limited seating this year due to the pandemic.

#4 Book a Weekend Getaway

Nothing is more spontaneous and exciting than booking a weekend trip with your mom. Surprise your mom on Mother’s Day by taking her to a city where she always wanted to visit.

Since international travel seems to be difficult given the whole pandemic situation, you can always travel with your mom to some awesome destinations within the country.

If you live by the east coast, a nautical weekend would be nice in the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. This low-key, picturesque area is easily accessible from those living in the DC metros.

For those living on the west coast, take your mom for a culinary weekend in Sonoma, California. Not only is this place famous for its excellent wine, but it is also deemed to be a culinary epicenter.

While you are at it, why not rent your mom’s dream car and travel using it?

#5 Treat Her to a Luxurious Blowout


Give your mom the queen-like treatment she deserves on Mother’s Day by giving her a well-deserved blowout.

Book your mom’s favorite hairstylist to give her a makeover. Or if your mom has none, ask friends and family for the best hairdresser recommendation. You can even up your game and give her a full-blown spa treatment with all the massage, mani-pedi, and facial.

#6 Hunt for Deals at Your Local Flea Market

Moms are the best when it comes to finding epic deals. For this year’s Mother’s Day, why not join her for a little shopping at your local flea market or antique shop?

For someone who is an avid vintage collector, going antiquing is the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon. You never know what treasures you and your mom will find!

#7 Karaoke Night

Channel your inner diva and sing your heart out to your favorite tunes this Mother’s Day.

Another great bonding activity for Mother’s Day celebration is having a karaoke night. It will surely keep the whole family entertained for hours!

#8 Book a Family Photo Shoot

Though family photoshoots are usually taken during the Christmas season, make better memories this year by having your family photo taken during Mother’s Day.

Create a theme and hire a photographer to take countless pictures of your family. Surely, these photos will be enjoyed for many years to come.

What other Mother’s Day activity do you have in mind?

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