What You Need to Know About Barnwood Floors

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Barnwood floors are one of the most beautiful types of flooring you can use for your home. This unique type of flooring gives homes a warm and historic touch. It’s one of the most popular types of flooring used today. It is not just aesthetically pleasing, it is also sturdy and reliable.

But what exactly is barnwood? Why is it so popular? And what’s the difference between barnwood and other types of flooring? Here we break down some basic facts about barnwood hardwood floors:

What is Barnwood?

Barnwood hardwood floors are a type of flooring that uses wood salvaged from old barns in the U.S and Canada dating back to at least the 18th century. The wood used in old barns are usually made from virgin trees like Douglas Fir, White and Red Oak, and Maple, among others. Barnwood isn’t just used because of their antique looks. The wood used in the18th, 19th, and early 20th century barns are fairly rare and hard to come by in the modern world because of antique timber processing techniques.

This makes barnwood unique in terms of size, shape, composition, and aesthetic quality. Real barnwood, however, is quite hard to come by and while it’s expensive, it’s definitely an investment worth making, especially if a homeowner is looking to up their property value.

Why You Should Consider Barnwood Floors for Your Home

living room with wooden floorBarnwood floors have literally stood the test of time, and unlike synthetic or artificial flooring options, barnwood retains its durability and integrity over the years. Because they’re used to adverse weather conditions like rain, heat, and snow, barnwood hardwood flooring is less likely to be damaged once installed in a house; after all, other than footsteps and the occasional spilled glass of juice, your barnwood floors aren’t really going to get the same abuse as they did when they were in a barn.

Utility aside, barnwood floors are also beautiful, conveying a sense of history that one cannot recreate with synthetic flooring options. Barnwood is usually harvested from different parts of a barn, so it’s not uncommon to see saw marks, nail holes, joints, color variations, and in some rare cases, bullet holes (for that Old West vibe!). All of these give barnwood a weathered look that tells a story stretching back through centuries.

The Differences Between Barnwood, Antique Wood, and Reclaimed Wood

To make it simple, barnwood is old wood that’s been harvested from barns. Antique and reclaimed wood (sometimes used synonymously), on the other hand, are usually harvested from other old buildings like factories, homes, and commercial structures.

All three types of wood date back to the early 20th century, and all the way back to the 18th century. However, barnwood is arguably much stronger than the other types of wood because it has been exposed to the elements, not only giving it that weathered, battered look, but also strengthening it over time.

Barnwood and Distressed: Are They the Same?

No, barnwood and distressed wood are not the same. Distressed wood is new timber that’s been treated to look like barnwood. Usually, manufacturers achieve this by hand-scraping new timber, adding saw swirls or kerfing to the wood so that it looks weathered and worn.

Real barnwood flooring is rare and hard to come by. But its beauty and durability is unquestionable. If you’re in the middle of renovating your home, barnwood floors are, hands down, the very thing you need to add value and uniqueness to your property.

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