Unusual Burger Toppings that Actually Work

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The global market for informal dining is worth a trillion dollars annually. Of that market, fast food occupies 75% of that and burger giant McDonald’s owns 11% of that. That’s a lot of burgers sold—approximately 75 burgers sold per second. So if 11% of all burgers eaten worldwide consist mostly of plain burgers with cheese, mayo, a “special sauce” and buns, should all burgers be that way? Certainly not. Trying different toppings on your burger for your enjoyment is fair game. Here are a few unlikely burger add-ons that actually taste good.

Broccoli and Cheese

Broccoli and cheddar cheese, to be exact. This veggie and dairy product combo is usually better as a side dish to complement a meat dish, but when placed right on top a juicy burger patty it makes for a somewhat healthy and sumptuous sandwich. This is a great way to eat your vegetables and do mum proud.

Kimchi and Bulgogi

Those in the know will praise Kimchi as South Korea’s culinary contribution to preserving vegetables for the lean winter months and this spicy pickled vegetable delicacy offers good digestive benefits. Not many people might like its spicy profile though. Bulgogi, another Korean culinary invention, is grilled beef marinated in a sweet-savoury mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and Korean pear juice. While you can do this to your burger patties, you can also use the Bulgogi sauce for your sandwich the way this burger joint in Singapore does.

Peanut Butter

Why not try something sweet and salty? Peanut butter spread on a freshly-grilled burger patty is another route. The nutty notes and creamy texture of peanut butter can add a savoury zing to your sandwich. Feel free to experiment with both the creamy and chunky variety.


Another sweet dessert topping, Nutella can and does wonders for a burger. Spread this evenly and liberally on a piping-hot burger patty and blur the lines between sweet and savoury, the main course and dessert.

Funnel Cake

Don’t waste time going to the amusement park, make your own funnel cake at home. This sweet pastry has a lot going for itself, as it can be made quite easily and you can decide on how thick you want it. Use that as your hamburger bun, because putting a funnel cake in between a bun and patty is a bit much!

Mac n’ Cheese

The classic American macaroni and cheese is great as a stand-alone meal, but great as a burger topping. Slap on a generous serving of this on your burger patty while both are hot. Think of this as a cheeseburger with the bonus of macaroni.

Fried Egg

Bacon burger with beef patty on wooden table

Bacon has long been a popular topping on burgers, so why not a sunny-side up fried egg? The savoury goodness is further enhanced by this simple addition, but try consuming this eggy treat on a plate—eating this sandwich with your hands gets messy.

These are only a sample of unusual burger toppings to use and nothing is stopping you from experimenting with your own. Try a different twist on your burger by adding unlikely vegetables, snacks, or condiments for a yummy burger you can enjoy.

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