Tricky Ways on How You Can Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger

When it comes to interior design in Utah, people typically invest more in their living rooms compared to other parts of the house. That’s because this room, along with the dining room, are the places where the guests are entertained. But for some people, there is only a limited amount of space in their living room areas to work with, making it difficult to push through with any creative ideas they have in mind. If you are one of those people, fear not! Here are some styling tricks that you could apply to properly maximize the limited space without having to give up creative ideas:

Let As Much Natural Light In

The number one trick for any type of design that would make more space in any room is maximizing natural light. Make sure you do not intentionally block the sunlight to your living room by using thick and dark-colored curtains. If possible, stick to two thin-layered curtains. That’s one curtain for adding style, while the other is to provide shade. If your living room does not have large windows or enough room to let the sunlight in, choosing color schemes with lighter shades for your pillows, sofas, curtains, and even lamps could be a great alternative. Not only would these lighter colors make your living room seem more spacious, but it would also give off a more relaxing, and calmer atmosphere, making it perfect for welcoming guests.

Try Using Larger Carpets/Rugs

Since the floor is primarily the first thing that a person would take notice of when entering the room, and is usually the ultimate basis for determining how spacious a room is. Placing rugs or carpets that are generally larger than most actually creates the illusion of space since it divides the floor. Rugs with pattern-like designs are the most recommended ones since the lines would then trick the mind into thinking that the floor’s space could be broken down.

Move Your Furniture Around

Avoid clumping your furniture together. Make sure your couch is not directly placed against the wall so the room would not feel as cramped, and the lack of space won’t be emphasized. Create a space between your sofa and the wall, since this would make the room look a bit wider. Besides, by adding that small space between the sofa and the wall, you’ve already made use of an extra opening that you could work on.

Make Use of Artwork On Walls

The paintings on walls could also help do the trick in making the living room look more spacious than it is. You can place them separately so the eyes could have a lot to draw their attention. For more strategic positioning, have the artworks placed a little higher than normal. This way, the eyes could follow the artwork’s placing by looking up and sideways, generally creating the illusion of space.

Create the Space You Need

Space should not restrict you from trying to be creative with the decorations of your living room, as long as you know how to properly maximize it. Once you have that mastered, you will not only have an aesthetically-pleasing, and well-lit living room, but also a cozy and inviting one.

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