Survive First Time Canine Parenting by Keeping These Basic Must-Dos in Mind


Let’s be honest — having a new dog isn’t as easy as everyone says it is. BUT it isn’t that difficult either. So how does one make dog care manageable, especially for first time owners? Here’s what you need to start with, on your pet parenting journey. 

Obedience Training

New dog owners tend to spoil their pets, and while the idea of allowing your pet’s true personality to shine through seems like the natural thing to do, hiring a professional dog trainer in Jacksonville Fl who handles obedience and behavior training plays a crucial part in their development. Whether you’re taking care of a new pup or a rescue, giving them proper training can enhance their skills and improve their overall behavior, making it a whole lot easier for you to care for them and for them to bond with you. If you have children or elderly family members at home, professional dog training is definitely worth investing in. Trust us when we say that it’s the best thing you can do for your dog.

Health Care and Vet Appointments

Aside from personality development, as mentioned above, your pet needs proper health care and vet visits, too. It’s best to follow a vaccination schedule to ensure that your pet is protected against harmful bacteria and viruses that can affect their health and weaken their immune system. Vaccines boost your pet’s immune system and defense against diseases and bacteria; they will help prolong their life and ensure optimum health throughout their lifetime. Following the vaccination schedule is key to ensuring your pet gets full coverage and that the vaccines are given in the right sequence. This also prevents them from becoming the source of infections that can affect other pets in the home or in your neighborhood. Keeping pets healthy and disease-free is especially important for those who travel often and wish to travel with their pets. The vet can also provide you with the proper feeding requirements for your pet and determine any allergies that your pet may have.

Regular Grooming Schedule

Another fundamental task in pet care is making sure that they’re clean and properly groomed at all times. While it may sound odd, dogs require oral care, nail care, and skin care, too. Eyes, ears, nose, and paws must always be cleaned, to prevent dirt build up and the spread of germs and bacteria to other parts of their body. Brushing their teeth using a proper pet toothbrush and toothpaste goes a long way, especially for ageing dogs. A well-groomed and properly cared for pet is a healthy, happy pet; when they feel healthy and comfortable, they behave well, too. 

A Designated Comfortable Living Space

Finally, set a specific area in your home where they can rest, eat, play, and take baths at home. It is important to create a comfortable living space for your pet, to give them a sense of belongingness and at the same time make it easy for you, the owner, to establish off limit spaces, so your pet doesn’t wander into areas in your home where you wouldn’t want them in. Keeping them away from areas where it’s unsafe for them to stay is key to ensuring their overall safety and the safety in your home, too.

Caring for your dog isn’t rocket science. Many will say that welcoming a dog into their home is one of the best decisions they’ve made in their life. Aside from having a constant companion, dogs also provide additional security at home. So whether you are opening your doors to a new pup or a rescue, you can be sure that you’ll get more than what you have ever hoped for.

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