Productive Hobbies to Try for a Happier Life

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With the fast-paced life we are living, it can be difficult finding a “me time.” If we do have time for ourselves, admittedly, the majority of us spend it browsing social media, bingeing on a television series on our favorite streaming service, or just partying out.

According to statistics, younger people spend an average of 3 hours on various social media platforms. Instead of adding value to our lives by engaging in productive hobbies, we find distractions through social media a much better solace. However, these distractions only lead us to compare our lives to others.

Why Choose Quality Hobbies

Rather than obsessing on celebrities and other internet-famous people, we could spend our time making our own lives more interesting and fruitful by engaging in quality hobbies. At the end of the day, no matter how many likes you get or how many followers you have, you will still feel empty with an unfulfilled life.

Partying and getting drunk every Friday and Saturday night would also lead you nowhere. Drugs, smoke, and alcohol are not the answer to your problems. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with having a good time now and then, you do not need it to be in a good mood.

To make our lives more fulfilled, we have to spend our time on activities that add value to us. According to the Pareto principle, 80 percent of outcomes are the result of the 20 percent that we do. Although this is a business concept, the same thing applies to us. It is the little things we do that fundamentally shape our lives.


Productive Hobbies for a Happier Life


Perhaps the most productive hobby of all is cooking. Not only will you indulge your friends, family, and loved ones with your gastronomic delight, but you could potentially open up a food business. And when cooking is done with love, you will realize how it is rewarding.

While most of us are still stuck at home, trying to stay safe from the Coronavirus, take this opportune time to hone your skills in the kitchen. There are plenty of free online recipes you could practice on. And if you want, invest in some great cookbooks available on Amazon.


Get into your artistic side and practice your painting skills. Painting allows you to uncover your inner thoughts and desires and help you translate them into something tangible. Painting is also proven to be an effective therapeutic technique for those individuals who are suffering from depression.

Most of us think we are not good with brushes and never will be. But with constant practice, who knows you might be the next Rembrandt? You could even have your works reproduced by printing services and make some money off your painting skills.


Knitting is something most of us associate with old people and a niche of Hollywood celebrities. But there are plenty of people all over the world who like knitting, whether they be young or old. Even a number of men enjoy knitting during their pastime.

Aside from being a delightful creative outlet and a heartwarming way to give a present to someone, knitting is an effective way to practice your multitasking and planning skills. These skill sets are essential in the modern-day workplace. Furthermore, knitting is said to help improve one’s mental well-being.


Another quality hobby you could engage in is gardening. While having a wide yard to work on your gardening skills is a plus, you actually do not need that amount of space to start a garden. Even on your tiny apartment unit, you can start your small kitchen garden with staple herbs and veggies.

It is a common misconception of several people that having a green thumb is inherent. But just like any other skills, being good at gardening requires patience, practical training, and dedication. After all the hard work you put on to build your garden, you will see it is rewarding.

Volunteer Work

All of us have a gift to share with others. If you enjoy helping others, then volunteering work may be the best hobby for you. You can just start by joining local volunteering activities, and who knows, later on, you might be interested in joining the Peace Corps.

Aside from the fact that by volunteering you can see the plight of other people, it is also a great avenue to meet new people and boost your self-confidence. Volunteering also gives you a sense of purpose which motivates you to achieve more in life. Hobbies need not be expensive. As long as it is fulfilling and is beneficial to everyone, then go for it.

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