Your Short Guide to Setting up Your Spouse for a Healthier Lifestyle

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They say weddings are both fun and stressful. The couple has to do the planning and budgeting and make sure everything is in order before the wedding date. But if you think all your problems will end after preparing for the wedding, trying on different wedding dresses, and going through the ceremony on the big day, then think again. There is more to marriage than meets the eye, and your choice of partner can forever have an impact on your life.

Your partner, for instance, can affect your health. If your new partner has a healthy lifestyle, they can influence you in joining their healthy everyday routine to amend your unhealthy habits. But if they have vices and their choices tend to lean on the unhealthy side, then you can either feel stressed or join the unhealthy bandwagon. Since it is now your job to support your partner in sickness and in health, it also becomes your responsibility to help your spouse make healthy lifestyle choices.

Luckily, there are things you can do to encourage them to live a healthier life. Here are some of them.

Do a reality check

You may have the best motives, but simply forcing your spouse to switch to a healthy lifestyle can backfire big time. Instead of encouraging them to make better and healthy lifestyle choices, they may get offended. What you can do is to keep in check with your partner.

Start by searching for the causes of their unhealthy habits. Know the reason why they don’t eat healthy meals, why they fail to exercise, or tends to stay up late. You will find it easier to know the steps you need to take by doing so.

Don’t force your way in

Don’t simply force them to start eating healthy meals or to tell them to start exercising by hitting the gym. You can start by learning of their interest and pain points and using this knowledge to entice them to make better choices. For instance, if your spouse is into boxing, why not gift them with a one-month membership card to a local fitness club that offers boxing classes? You can even join them to show your support for their long-lost interest.

ExerciseFocus on the benefits

Most people will do the exact opposite if you only focus on the results you want. What you can do is to focus on the benefits instead. According to studies, one in three Americans eat fast foods each day. To stop them from craving unhealthy meals, you can start by buying healthier food choices and cooking meals that are both tasty and healthy. If they are intimidated by the gym, you can plan activities you can do together like swimming, hiking, jogging, or walking the dog.

Be appreciative of their efforts and always be supportive. Don’t forget to ask their take about healthy living. Make them feel they can talk to you about their health and weight in the future and ask about their opinion to open their mind about certain health topics.

Remember that you made a vow to be there for your spouse no matter what. This also means you are now somewhat responsible in helping them make better decisions. If your spouse needs help when it comes to healthy lifestyle changes, be willing to help but know your boundaries. Be wary of your steps as you don’t want your concern to be misconstrued. Look for their pain points, don’t force your way in and place your attention on the benefit instead.

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