Your Guide to Toddler Jumping Activities and Health

Children should begin to learn jumping skills at about 24 months old. Experts agree that toddler jumping activities help with developing motor skills. If your child is progressing with other motor skills at a normal rate, then you can start them on some toddler jumping activities when they turn 2 years old.

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Ideal Jumping Activities for Toddlers

There are various activities that you can do right at home to help your toddler develop jumping skills. This includes squats to touch toes and then jump up to reach a target, jumping from a step stool or balance mat, jumping over and/or around obstacles, animal jumps, and hopscotch. You’ll want to work up to having your child do hopscotch since it’s a bit more advanced.

Toddler Jumping Benefits

When a toddler works on their jumping, they are building leg strength, coordination, and motor planning. As you have your child start these activities, you’ll see what they struggle with and this will help you determine if they have any issues to discuss with their doctor. It’s important to begin slowly and then progress when your child appears to have mastered the skill.

Toddlers can have fun and gain gross motor skills with jumping activities. Begin with a few simple ones, assist them as needed, and increase the level of difficulty.


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