Timeless Gifts for the Woman in Your Life

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All women love jewelry. From pendants to rings, any piece that compliments their style and fashion is essential. It’s the part of their look that sets them apart from others. But while all jewelry should be unique, there are also sets of iconic pieces that every woman should own. These timeless pieces will never look outdated. From formal to informal events, they will compliment all looks.

If you’re confused about what you should get for your significant other on her big day, go ahead and pick up one of the following pieces. They won’t let you down.

A Gold Chain

A simple gold chain is a must-have for the jewelry box. It looks good paired up with a dress or a suit and gives a minimalist yet elegant vibe to the look. It may come as a surprise but wearing a gold chain is said to have health benefits. A gold chain, no matter the size, is a mood elevator and emotional booster. It is also said to have effects on stress and anxiety.

Although there is no known proof of such benefits, there is no damage in a little faith.

 Diamond Earrings

A diamond is easily every girl’s dream. However, if you don’t have the means to afford something as big as a diamond necklace, go small. Diamond earrings are a classic accessory, and you can easily rock them anywhere, from a brunch to a meeting. While they are minimalist on their own, you can easily pair them with a gold chain or a chic watch for a flare.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is a staple in the jewelry box. With its simple string of diamonds, it looks elegant and chic. Moreover, you could pair it with a simple watch to add pizzazz to your look. Diamond Tennis Bracelet was given the name because Chris Evert, a professional tennis player, lost her diamond bracelet during the US Opens. Consequently, the play was stopped so that she could find her precious diamonds.

A String of Pearls

Perhaps the most iconic piece that has survived years of apparel is a string of pearls. Seen often enough in grandma’s old pictures, they have an air of sophistication around them. While this is a much more formal piece to own, it’s still a classic.

A Minimalist Bracelet

A bracelet is one piece of vanilla jewelry that often makes it into a minimalist’s wardrobe. Keep it simple, so it’s wearable daily with every kind of dress. Bracelets come in many types. They range from gold to platinum in terms of materials. Moving on to the designs, you can find studded bracelets, twisted bracelets.

However, no matter the design, bracelets add a hint of femininity to the look.

A Diamond Ring

A diamond ring is a perfect gift for when you’re thinking of popping up your timeless proposal. Diamond rings come in a variety of styles that are both simple and chic. They effortlessly bring attention to the hands and add a flare.

You could easily find classic designs like floating diamonds, paved diamonds, and even braided diamond engagement rings for that perfect proposal.

Chic Watch

A watch is another must-have in the jewelry box. It looks good whether you match it up with a sweater or a dress. You can easily find different types of watches with diamonds or leather straps. There are wrap-around straps and a multitude of variations in the face as well.

But if you’re going for a simple leather watch, you can pair it up with a gold bangle or a tennis bracelet for a timeless look.

A Birthstone Piece

Whether you believe in astrology or not, an occasional look at your horoscope is necessary. Gifting someone a birthstone piece is a very intimate and personal affair. There are different models of modern and traditional birthstones. A birthstone piece could be anything. It could be a ring, a pendant, or a bracelet.

Hoop Earrings

Don’t go all out and buy something massive. The perfect-sized hoop earrings add a hint of grace to your look while still keeping things modern and chic. So, buy something classy that adds the right amount of poise to any look.

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Stacking Rings

Perhaps the most fun part of the jewelry box is a pair of stacking rings. They’ve become a popular item in the past few years and look very well on their own. These rings are an effortless piece if you’re not a bracelet person. They come studded with different stones, so you can mix and match the rings to match your look perfectly.

Happy Shopping!

Whether it’s Christmas time, birthday, anniversary, or you want to show your love and appreciation, a piece of jewelry won’t let you down. It is a perfect gift for any occasion. Give a woman jewelry, and she will treasure it all her life!

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