Swimming Classes For Kids Made Easy

Listen, swimming among kids isn’t just about fun, but it is an essential skill they should master at a tender age for their safety in and around water, as shown in the video. However, if you are going to walk your kid through swimming classes, you should be able to swim and rescue your kid if they have trouble in the water or drowns. Below are the simple steps to make swimming easier:

1. Teach your kid breath control
Breath control doesn’t have to occur while in the pool. It can be done anywhere. As such, you should start teaching your kid about breath control by having them take deep breaths and hold them for at least five seconds.

2. Help your kid overcome their fear of water.
It’s essential to get your child water goggles. This way, they can still see while in the water. Now that your child is comfortable holding their breath and seeing underwater, teach them to put their face in the water. The best way is to ensure their chin, mouth, nose, and eyes are in the water.

3. Teach your kid how to float and kick in the water.
To float, ensure your child’s legs and hands (wings) are spread out with their face underwater. Moreover, to ensure they kick, hold their arms while facing you with their heads out of the water and instruct them to kick as you move around the pool. You can repeat this procedure to achieve better results until they get comfortable.
The Bottom Line
Learning how to swim isn’t a one-time thing. However, when continually repeated, it becomes easier for your kid to master the habit. Most importantly, make swimming classes a fun process.

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