Staying Productive and Creative While on Home Quarantine

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Many parts of the world are currently observing isolation methods in an effort to contain the rapid spread of COVID-19. While the prospect of staying home for a time being can be a relief at first, especially with its purpose drilled into our minds, boredom and cabin fever might be inevitable. Your productivity may also dwindle because there’s just nothing else to do unless you work from home or have some school projects to finish.

If you’ve been lamenting the toll of being on home-quarantine, your woes are valid, so here are some great ideas for you to breathe life to and keep those gears in your brain working:

Entrepreneurial Ideas

Even though a business isn’t exactly the most rewarding undertaking right now, this break can be an opportunity to come up with new ideas for a business you plan on starting soon or to grow an existing one. You can reap lessons from the pandemic’s impact, which could be greater than you’ve possibly foreseen, and begin making contingency plans for another possible unfortunate event that could shock the world again.

If you plan on opening a business soon, simply continue doing your research and studies. You might stumble across important marketing, financial, or management aspects you haven’t tackled yet. For example, web design and content for an e-commerce brand. Have you already prepared professionally taken product photos? Amateur-looking photos and content will affect your customer’s perception of your brand, so if you haven’t thought about that yet, include getting top-notch e-commerce product photography services in your to-do list.

Reading Challenge

If your bookshelves have been unattended for a while now, then this is the perfect time to revisit them and catch up on your reading. To stay motivated, consider taking on a reading challenge or joining a book club. Re-read your favorites if you don’t have new books, or download e-books from Kindle, Apple, or Nook if you crave for something new. There are also websites that provide free e-books, such as Authorama and Project Gutenberg, so explore your options there as well.

New Recipes

Somehow, all of us own a cookbook we never really use. If you haven’t gotten rid of yours yet, give it some long-overdue attention and see if any of the recipes featured can be accommodated by your current stock of ingredients. If you already lost your cookbook, the internet is there with endless recipes, so you don’t have to be stuck with the same old meals you usually prepare and eat.

To enjoy your new recipe even more, try changing the table decor to portray a themed dinner at a restaurant. Your family will certainly be thrilled by the extraordinary at-home meal experience, stimulating a bond you’re possibly not having enough of lately.

Fitness Challenge

ExerciseWhen was the last time to exercised? Probably in the new year, to shed off all that Christmas dinner. It has almost been three months since then, so you definitely need to get back into your game. Youtube has countless of workout videos, from beginner levels to the most rigorous, high-intensity ones, so being stuck indoors is never an excuse to abandon your fitness regimen!

DIY Projects

Sewing, knitting, de-cluttering, organizing, and artworks are soothing DIY activities that also effectively relieves boredom. Browse Pinterest or any other website that contains amazing DIY project ideas to keep your creative juices flowing. You might discover a new hobby from those that you can keep on doing even after the home-quarantine period ends.

Keeping ourselves busy in this period is also a way to direct our attention away from the bad news dominating the headlines recently. This is especially helpful if you’re dealing with anxiety or any other mental health issue. And aside from doing any of those tasks, keep yourself accompanied by your loved ones, too, even just virtually. They’ll help us cope with this uncertainty healthily.

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