Spice Up Your Post-quarantine Halloween Party with These Unique Ideas

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We’ve been stuck inside the house all year long, and it feels like forever. Everything, even the parties were done virtually. However, Zoom fatigue is a thing, and it might have made us all tired of all these remote socializing setups. Luckily, vaccines have finally come to save the day. More than half of the American population is now fully vaccinated. Some places are easing up on lockdowns. You might be hosting a party very soon, and the nearest one you might do is Halloween.

If you like hosting parties, you know that you have to do it extra this year. Especially if this is going to be the first party you’ll be hosting since the lockdowns eased. Are you wondering how to make Halloween a little more exciting for your friends? Make it spookily memorable with some of these unique Halloween party ideas.

Prank Your Friends

Treat your friends with your wackiest Halloween pranks. A good prank is executed smoothly. Pull off something that won’t make you suspicious. You can go subtle with pretending to invite a trendy celebrity. Then bluff them by hiring an impersonator.

You can also go hard with the “Scare Tactics”  type of pranks. Do it in an extended period. An hour of pranks can get your friends to blur the lines between what’s real and what’s not. Just keep in mind that you have to do it safely. As long as nobody’s going to get hurt, it’ll be a memorable Halloween night for everyone.

Costume Party with a Twist

Wearing costumes is a Halloween party staple. Everybody loves to dress up on this special night. But how do you think you can make costume wearing a little different this year? Here’s something you could do. Invite your friends and tell them to bring their costumes and not wear them yet. Make them pick names from a box.

The person they picked should be the one they’ll be dressing up with the costume they brought. Another idea is to set a theme for the costume party. Tell your friends to buy their costumes from those sketchy online stores. Make fun of yourselves and laugh with your guests as you all look at your hideous costumes. Your costume party won’t be like any other.

Halloween-Themed food

Cooking Halloween-Themed Dishes

Make scrumptious Halloween delicacies with your invited buddies. Prepare a unique menu with them as you all celebrate the event all night. Buy farm-raised frogs and make them into fried frog legs. There are also bugs you can buy by the pound. Make crunchy snacks out of them. Try cooking with pork blood. There are recipes online you could actually recreate using this ingredient.

Grill pork intestines or prepare steak tartare. Just prepare them with the utmost sanitation in mind. Have fun creating slime jello for dessert. You could also follow some Youtube tutorials for some Halloween-themed sweets. Food is tastier when you made them yourselves. And making them is more fun if you’re with your best friends.

Celebrate the Night Outside

Some of us are just too tired to be stuck inside the house. If you decided to go out for the night, make the most out of it. Plan and book whatever you have to book weeks before Halloween. Paint the town red and rush to theme parks in your hilarious costumes. Get on rides, then proceed to another place.

Visit a haunted attraction next and go to another one after. End the hectic night with booze at your local bar. Order juice for your designated driver if you have. Take the taxi if they refused. Grab some fast food on your way home. Now that’s how you make up for last year’s Halloween party that never happened.

B-Movie Marathons

Have you watched all the interesting horror flicks on every streaming service? You may want to try checking out some B-movies for your next Halloween movie marathon night. Kick it off with the movie that “traumatized TikTok”; Megan is Missing. Get campy with the visually-pleasing Killer Klowns from Outer Space. The critically-acclaimed 1962 film Carnival of the Souls is also an exquisite option.

Creep your friends out with the weird and disturbing Begotten. There is so much you could choose from. Break away from the usual horror movies you’ve seen during Halloween. Indulge yourselves with these B-movie classics that earned a ton of cult followings.

Try these ideas to make your Halloween party the most memorable. Make this the best night of the year for you and your friends. Treasure the moment of celebrating with them physically, again.

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