How to Make Your Wedding Anniversary More Special This Year

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Every year, on the anniversary of your wedding, you make a point of celebrating the union that has brought so much joy into your life. But what’s stopping you from making this year’s celebration the most special yet?

This is a sign for you to show that you truly appreciate everything your partner has done for you and, of course, the love that’s been given. Here are some tips for making this year’s celebration extra special:

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Tip #1 Write a heartfelt poem or letter

Words can be a powerful tool. Writing a poem or letter will allow you to express your feelings in a way that’s more free-flowing and genuine. When you’re done writing, don’t keep it to yourself! You could organize a candle-lit dinner with your spouse and share the poem or letter.

Tip #2 Plan a surprise party with your friends and family

Show your appreciation to the ones there from the beginning by inviting them to a surprise party. You could even get an overnight boat hire to get away from it all and enjoy your time together. This way, you can reminisce all the good years together in the privacy and luxury of your little cruise.

Tip #3 Make an album or scrapbook of memories

There’s no better way to express your love for each other than by putting together a photo album of memories from the past. With this, you can look back on all the beautiful memories you shared and be reminded of how it’s been a blessing from above. You could even turn it into a scrapbook and write down precious anecdotes about your marriage.

Tip #4 Go all out and make your celebration as big as you want

Seriously, go all out with the festivities. Make them grand! Why not hold a gala dinner, hire an orchestra, or go on a lavish vacation? Why not upgrade your anniversary cake to be diamond-studded too? Look at it as a “thank you” for staying with you for this long and never giving up on each other. Go all out! Why not?

Tip #5 Pick up a new hobby together

Here’s an idea that’ll keep you busy in the years to come. What about taking up a new hobby together? You could give cooking lessons for couples a shot or try ballroom dancing lessons to get rid of your inhibitions. Who knows, you might find a new thing you both enjoy and get more opportunities to bond with each other.

Tip #6 Be creative with your anniversary party

Try sushi making, cocktail mixing, or even try your hand at floral arrangements. What makes these classes different is that they are a fun, hands-on activity for all couples to enjoy. This could be the best reason to try your hand at something new with your spouse and share that experience with all of your friends and family.

Tip #7 Get out of town

Whether you drive to the next state, take a trip to a nearby city or go international, don’t just settle for that same old restaurant where you have your anniversary dinner every year. Take this opportunity to go somewhere new or even revisit a place that has meaning for both of you.

Tip #8 Go on an adventure

Spend the day hiking, biking, or skiing. You can also go on a scavenger hunt, a wine tasting tour, or any other activity that is sure to ignite your passion for each other. Or, if you want your adventures to be more promiscuous, you might want to consider role-playing as strangers hitting on each other at the bar. This could spice up your anniversary night!

Tip #9 Don’t just celebrate your anniversary this time

This year, don’t just have a little get-together with a few friends and family. Organize a dance party in your backyard or plan a huge anniversary event that shows off both of your personalities and interests. Although anniversaries are just commemorations of your wedding night, they shouldn’t just start and end there. So, take this chance to celebrate the many years you’ve been together and all the memories.

Tip #10 Go on a second honeymoon

Second honeymoons are a great way to keep the excitement going in your marriage and also give you a chance to re-experience the magic of your original honeymoon. So why not go on another this year? This could be an excellent excuse to get out of the house, especially with no kids around to bother you.

Tip #11 Go on a tour of your first apartment together

This entirely original idea combines nostalgia with the excitement you felt when you first moved in together. And while you’re at it, why not also go to dinner where you had your first date? Besides, there’s no better reason to go down memory lane and reminisce about all the years you’ve spent together than your wedding anniversary.

With these tips, you can make every year’s anniversary special, but why not go all out this time? Show how much you appreciate all the love, joy, and happiness they have brought into your life by taking some time to commemorate your marriage.

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