Recreational Activities to Do During the Quarantine (indoors and Outdoors!)

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These days, staying indoors seems to be the norm. When you are a mother who juggles a job, taking care of the children, and household chores, you have to be a master in multi-tasking. All that work can take its toll on you, especially when the kids get restless because they cannot see their friends or family.

As someone who stays at home with the kids, Netflix, coffee, and Disney Plus are your best friends. Like everyone, you might long for a sense of normalcy when you can safely go to Target and shop for your favorite things without having to worry about a virus that could infect your family or your loved ones. While you can always opt to shop online, you also miss the sights and sounds of the outdoors and interacting with people.

Even as vaccination schedules are being implemented underway, it is still hard to say when life will return to the way it was. Your priority now would be to keep your family safe and healthy. One way to keep a healthy and happy environment in your home is to make sure that your family is entertained even though their activities are limited. It will make a difference in everyone’s mental health, especially yours.

Teach Your Children the Joy and Value of a Good Book

These days, many young children are glued to their mobile devices. In a study published by the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, it was found out that 97 percent of households had television, 83 percent owned tablets, while 77 percent owned smartphones. The study also revealed that half of them already had their own TV sets once the children were four years old, while three-fourths of these children already owned smartphones.

In a survey conducted by The National Literacy Trust in 2016, it was found out that only 1 in four children between the ages of 8 to 16 say that they enjoy reading. While this number is an improvement compared to recent years, you should get your children into the habit of reading.

Read the books that you have on hand, and introduce your children to some age-appropriate books. When you get your children into the habit of reading, they will explore worlds beyond their imagination.

Take A Walk in The Park While Staying At A Safe Distance

Sunshine and fresh air is always a good idea. You can take your family out for a walk as long as you avoid crowds and wear the proper face coverings. A peaceful walk in the park is a simple way to take in nature’s beauty and enjoy the outdoors. Many of these parks often hire the best landscape designers that will make you appreciate the beauty of nature.

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Learn Something New With Your Family

Staying indoors gives you the time to be creative and think outside the box. Was there a skill you always wanted to try out? Perhaps you wanted to play the piano or learn a new recipe. You can always incorporate your learning with your family. You and your family can learn new things together.

Explore The World, Virtually

With museums and theme parks being closed, vacations with the family will be put on hold indefinitely. While you cannot visit these wonderful sights of the world just yet, you can visit them right in the comfort of your own home. Many museums, national parks, and zoos offer free virtual tours that you can enjoy with your family.

Journal Your Thoughts Away

When was the last time that you wrote in a journal? Maybe this is the time to begin again. Not only can you write your thoughts in your journal, but you can also keep track of your mental health. Keeping a journal allows you to express your emotions on paper. It is like confiding your secrets to an old friend who will always listen.

Challenge Your Family

There is nothing like some good and healthy competition in the family. This is the time to bring out the board games and card games. Introduce the spirit of being a good sport to your family. You can even teach them some tactics on how to win. Remember, everything is all in the name of good clean, fun.

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