5 Creative and Fun Projects to Do with Your Kids

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We’ve all heard that toddlers learn best through play, so it’s no surprise that there is a whole list of fun projects and activities suitable for this age group.

This list of projects is not exhaustive but should give you a good idea of the different ways many toddlers can have fun with you. Are you ready to get creative?

1. Painting Projects to Boost Creativity

Creativity offers many benefits in children, such as open-mindedness. This skill can also help them improve their analytical and problem-solving traits, so why not explore it with painting projects?

This activity is best done outdoors when the weather permits because it does get very messy! Use a plastic or metal tray, which has sides at least 5 centimeters high to make this project easier to clean up afterward.

Spread your child’s favorite paints onto the tray in any pattern they choose, then let them pour in some water, and watch the colors mix together. Then you can let them dump a few small items into the paint like the bottom of a bottle of water, imprinting that to clean sheets of paper.

It might take them a few tries to learn how hard they have to press down on the bottle of water before anything happens, but after that mess should become minimal.

2. Bubbles to Have Some Fun

A bubble wand is a great way to let children’s creativity soar as they see what shapes and sizes of bubbles they can create.

Making their own bubble wands from items found around the house will increase your child’s interest in this activity, as well as giving you a few moments away from them if need be.

You can use an old wand that once had bubbles attached or make one using pipe cleaners twisted together. The kids will love getting involved with this project too.

Meanwhile, toddlers love bubbles because they can blow them themselves. To make a bubble machine, all you need is a recycled 2-liter plastic pop bottle, some small air holes poked into the side with a pin, and an old stretchy headband.

The toddler can wear this headband while you hold the bottle over them, blowing gently to create bubbles for your little one to chase after. It’s especially fun if you try different kinds of bubble recipes.

3. Blocks to Improve Motor Skills

kid playing with wooden blocks

Blocks are a great activity to help your child learn how to stack, sort, and build. Wooden blocks have been an educational toy staple for years because of their longevity and the many ways children can use them.

When it comes to blocks, you want to make sure that any toys you purchase for toddlers don’t contain toxic materials such as lead paint or chemicals. If you want to be safe, make one.

You could glue together old magazine cutouts into shapes like cubes and triangles. These will be easier for younger children to stack even if they won’t last long.

4. Build-a-Toy to Enhance Imagination

Toddlers are still learning how to problem-solve, so these toys will help them use their imagination to build what they want. Just remember that the first toy you make should be simple because your toddler’s fine motor skills aren’t up to much just yet.

You’ll need some craft sticks and glue to create this toy together. Glue sandpaper or felt onto craft sticks. Then let your child use these pieces to grab things like embroidery thread, ribbons, beads, buttons, bottle caps, shells – anything small.

You can also save yourself the hassle and buy “build toy” boxes, which already come with the essential parts. All your child needs to do is assemble them. The designs can vary from vehicles to desks.

As your child gets older and more advanced with the activity, encourage them to create little scenarios, so they can act them out. It might seem silly at first, but it’s a lot of fun and very versatile.

5. Cooking Projects to Say Bon Appetit

Here are some cooking projects that will help your child develop their social skills as well as learn about shapes, colors, and fractions too.

To make a play pizza, spread oregano onto a plate or pan for the “crust.” Then use red tomatoes for sauce and cut slices of cheese into triangles and squares. You can even add pepperoni if you’d like!

Another recipe is called “cookies in a jar.” For this, you will need 1/2 cup of chocolate chips, 1/4 cup of rolled oats, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter (if your child doesn’t have allergies), and some raisins.

First, fill the jar with oats. Then add the chocolate chips. After that, use spoonfuls of peanut butter to create little circles on top for the “cookies.” Finally, sprinkle on the raisins like “sprinkles.”

Taking the time to search for fun, creative projects and activities you can do with your toddler will help them learn many new skills while keeping their interest. Plus, it is a great way to bond when you are spending some one-on-one time together.


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