Pest Infestation: What Signs Should You Look For?

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A pest infestation can be a major problem. Whether in a residential or a commercial building, pests can cause damage. In some cases, they can also carry diseases.

You have to be on the lookout for signs of common infestation. The good news is that there are plenty of those signs. Once you detect signs of pest infestation, you should get in touch with professionals to handle it. You can find an exterminator in Sandy or any other city with ease through the internet.

Pests usually stay in the dark and in spaces that are not readily visible. That’s why it might not be readily obvious that you have a pest infestation on hand. To make things easier for you, you must know the leading signs of pest infestation that you need to look out for.

Where to Look for Signs

pest control in the gardenYou need to check your house and your building regularly for signs of infestation. But where do you need to look? Here are the best places to start:


If there will be a pest infestation in your home, the kitchen is the likeliest place where that would start. There are plenty of spaces there where they can hide. Also, there may be some food materials there that can attract pests.

2.Areas Connected Outside

Places that are connected to the outside with pipes are also likely places where there are pests. That would include laundry rooms and utility rooms. So, you have to check those pipes and connections and look for signs of pests.

3.The Garage

Another common place where a pest infestation can start is in the garage. This is where pests can come in, either through vehicles or through the wide-open entrance.

Now, the presence of pests in the garage is not that alarming. Well, you should take action and have it taken care of but it’s not as concerning as finding pests in your kitchen or in your bedroom.

Signs for Pest Infestation

Here are the top warning signs you might be facing a pest infestation.


Most pests make noise. They’re not very loud but if you listen to them especially at night then you can notice them for sure. You can detect their activities in the wall cavities of your home, in the ceiling, or in the attic.


Most pests will leave a distinct scent that is unmistakable. Once you detect a musty scent, then you should be suspicious.


Once pests have found a space that is ideal for them inside your home, then they are likely to stay there. These are usually in the dark areas of your home that are less frequented by people.


If you notice unexplained damage in your home, that might be a sign that there is pest infestation already there. Check your furniture and the electrical wirings for signs of pest damage.

You have to be ready for a pest infestation. You should learn the signs to look out for so you can take action immediately and prevent it from getting worse.

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