New Year, New Landscape: Garden Design Trends That Will Dominate This 2020

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The New Year has begun, and along with it are new design styles and ideas to give gardens a fresher look. By spring, you’re probably eager to get outside and start styling or landscaping your yard. But, before that, here are some of the predicted garden design trends for 2020 to inspire you:

Concrete and stone

Take a quick glance at existing landscape designs in Park City or New York City and you’ll see that the use of concrete and stone is quite popular. In 2020, however, it is expected to dominate design trends, as more variety of formed concrete finishes and natural stone formats become available on the market.

Some landscape architects predict this trend might play out in multiple ways, such as using oversized bluestone slabs as stepping stones. Formed concrete may be utilized to create floating stairs or benches.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are versatile and add a sleeker look to any modern garden. They are long-lasting; they don’t absorb moisture and are resistant to scruffs and scratches. If your patio is a high-foot-traffic area, replacing its flooring with porcelain tiles is a great idea and may serve you well for years.

Pattern and texture

Minimalist style has been a trend inside and outside the home, but it begins to look pretty tired now, at least for a few landscape designers. That’s why pattern and texture may make a comeback this year. The trend is likely to move away from traditional formatted paving in favor of tiles that offer pattern and texture.

Topiary elements

There’s another design trend that will make a comeback this year: topiary. In recent years, there has been a rise in the use of sculptural plants and cloud hedges. But designers and architects don’t use them to build perfectly manicured gardens. Instead, they mix topiary elements with free-flowing elements like curved walling or contemporary benches to create a playful look that balances formal with unstructured.

Repurposed items

Now that more and more homeowners become eco-conscious, landscape architects start to adopt repurposed items in their design. Such items also give a garden an individual look. Got an old piece of furniture that has sentimental value or represents your personal style? Ask your designer or architect or find a way (if you’re going down the DIY route) to incorporate that in your landscaping project.

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Indoor living elements

One of the popular style ideas for interior design is bringing outdoor elements into your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. This 2020, the reversal of that idea will likely come alive as more designers suggest bringing indoor living to the outdoors. Sofas and throw cushions in patios can make lounging outside a comfort fest. Replacing wood garden tables with cozy dining sets will make entertaining guests more convenient. Just make sure to select indoor living elements with materials suitable for outdoor use, too.

Whether you plan to style your front or backyard on your own or hire a landscape designer or architect to do the job, these trends give you a good starting point as you upgrade your home’s curb appeal this 2020.

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