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• Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and make your backyard fun for your kids to play and explore.

• At-home scavenger hunts, trampoline parties, and water balloon fights are all great activities to try with your kids in the backyard.

• Don’t forget about indoor activities like board games and movie marathons for those days when the weather isn’t ideal. 

• Letting your kids pick from a selection of activities gives them autonomy and helps them learn to make decisions. 

When summer vacation nears, you start thinking about making your kids’ vacations enjoyable, even at home. It can be hard to come up with fun activities that don’t involve leaving home, but there are plenty of ways to ensure your kids still have a great time while staying in. Here are some ideas for making your kids’ staycation one they’ll always remember!

Create Backyard Activities

You can maximize the use of your backyard by setting up some fun activities for your kids to enjoy. They can play outdoor games while you can still keep an eye on them. Here are some of the ideas you can try:

Create an At-Home Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a blast and can be enjoyed within the comforts of your home. Gather exciting items for your kids to locate around the house or outdoors, such as “10 rocks,” “3 red leaves,” or even a feather! This creative challenge will ensure hours of fun! The first person to complete the scavenger hunt wins a prize—anything from an ice cream cone to a special toy they’ve been wanting.

Create a Trampoline Party

You can create a trampoline party for kids even without any special occasion. Set up an inflatable trampoline and have a blast bouncing around with your kids. You can also add fun activities to the trampoline, like gymnastics or basketball. It’s a great way to get your kids active while having a good time. You can join your kids or invite some of their friends to the party.

Water Balloon Fight

A water balloon fight is a classic summer activity that your kids will love. It’s a great way to cool off and have fun in the sun. Fill up some water balloons, divide your family into teams, and let the battle begin! Just make sure you have plenty of towels on hand for cleanup.

Set Up Indoor Activities

Summer can be hot and sunny, and it may not always be appropriate to go outside. Remember that too much heat can be dangerous for kids. Don’t let this stop your kids from having fun. You can create a few indoor activities for your kids to enjoy. Here are a few ideas you can try:

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Board Games

Board games are always great to pass the time and get everyone involved. Have your kids pick out their favorite board game and teach them how to play if they don’t already know. It’s a great way to teach them basic skills like counting and strategy.

Make a Movie Marathon Day

This activity is perfect when you need something low-key and indoors. Pick out several movies you know your kids will love (or let them choose!), grab some snacks, and snuggle up on the couch for an afternoon movie marathon! You can also make it educational by watching movies about history or science topics you’ve recently discussed in school.

Set Up an Indoor Camping Adventure

Bring the outdoors indoors with this camping-themed activity. Set up tents in the living room (or bedrooms if space allows) and let your children go wild with their imaginations. Have them create their campsite with toys and small furniture pieces that they can use as props. They can also dress up as campers or explorers and pretend they’re embarking on an exciting adventure! You can also make s’mores over the stovetop or fireplace if you have one.

Let Your Kids Decide on Activities

No matter what activities you have planned for your kids’ staycation, make sure to leave room for them to decide. Letting your kids choose which activities they want can help them feel more in control of the vacation, giving them a sense of independence. This is also a great way to teach them how to make decisions.

When letting your kids pick the activities, make sure that whatever they choose is safe and age-appropriate. If you have doubts about their chosen activity, you can always guide them and help them make the right decision.

Taking a break from everyday life is important for both parents and children alike, so why not take advantage of the extra time at home during the summer by having fun together? No matter what activities you decide on, the most important thing is that your kids have fun and make the most of their staycation! With creativity and planning, you can create an unforgettable summer vacation for your family without ever leaving home.

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