How to Make Kids Less Afraid of the Dentist

Children seem to be naturally scared of the dentist, but they do need a checkup at least once a year. However, there are things that will make a child feel more comfortable, and this video will explain everything to make your next appointment a breeze.

Start by telling your children that it’s their job to keep their teeth clean.

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Even though you floss and brush daily, it’s crucial to attend an appointment to ensure there isn’t leftover plaque. We can all miss things when we brush! Explain that the dental hygienist cleans the teeth and reviews everything else that happens at the appointment.

Reviewing what the dentist will do at the appointment can help ease children’s anxiety. This video reviews what happens, so you can simply hit the play button for your little one for this part. This fun video is a great way to introduce your child to the office and what happens there.

After you’re done with the video, spend some with children and role-play at home so kids can see how fun taking care of their teeth can be! Don’t forget to mention the incredible goody bag kids get!.

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