How Renovation Can Affect You and Your Child’s Health

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One of the biggest concerns that a growing family has is home renovation. Couples, whether they’re newly-married or already raising a small family, could find it overwhelming. For young parents, they often need to consider several things that could affect the growth of their children, especially if they’re buying an old house. For those who are still planning to have a baby, the dangers are even higher. There are many things that could pose a threat to a woman’s health and her unborn child.

That’s why experts say that parents should be cautious when thinking about renovating their home for their kids.

But do couples know what to look for when they want to plan a renovation? Do they know the precautions they need to consider when they have children in the middle of a renovation? Here are some of the common things that could harm kids and even pregnant women during a renovation.

Exposure to Mold

Seattle Children’s Hospital says that mold exposure can cause your lungs to get irritated. Even more, it can also cause eye irritation as well as sneezing to a few children. So, if you uncover any signs of a mold infestation in your home, then it’s best to clean it up immediately. It’s also vital to trace the source of the moisture so you can get rid of it for good.

Lead Exposure

Most homes that have been around before 1978 often contain lead in the paint that they used. Exposure to lead and other dangers can affect a child’s development profoundly as it can affect a child’s developing nervous and central system. That’s why it’s crucial to keep children and pregnant women away from the construction to protect them from it.  Soil can also affect the land around the area of construction. So, before you plant any vegetables around the area, ensure that you test the soil for lead.


Asbestos sign

Another chemical that can be a potential danger to children and pregnant women is asbestos. You can commonly find it in popcorn ceilings, siding, and even vinyl flooring used in old homes. Asbestos fibers tend to lodge deep inside a person’s lungs. Thus, increasing the person’s chances to develop lung cancer.

That’s why brokers and landlords are advised to let the homeowners know if their house has any trace of asbestos or any of these chemicals. Some homeowners might ask a video of the house they intend to buy, but even this does not reveal the presence of these chemicals. Many of these videos are often produced by professional and corporate video production companies that shoot the house and property in a favorable light, and often homeowners buy houses based on this visual evidence.

What they miss is testing these homes for the presence of pests, chemicals, and even structural mistakes that might eat up their renovation budget. More than half of the homeowners fall into debt because of these unexpected renovation expenses. CPA Practice Advisor says that 59% of homeowners are using their credit cards, home equities or even their loans to finance their home renovation projects.

Homeowner’s Financial Options

But even with these options, homeowners would still have to pay the interest rates each month. Hiring a few bathroom remodeling contractors is an excellent idea, but getting the finances to complete the project is another problem that’ll take a chunk of your budget. 47% of credit card users can’t afford to pay the entire balance in just one month, which makes them fall deeper into debt, especially when their spending gets out of their control.

57% of homeowners will spend more than five hours of their time in a month fixing a few things on their house. It also includes a few renovations that they wouldn’t normally expect. Some of these simple projects are painting, HVAC maintenance, and even water heater repair.

Renovating a home is a huge financial decision that couples must make for their children’s benefit. It’s best to know the risks that you might face, so you’ll know what is best for you.    Raising a family is never easy, and adding to it a renovation project in the middle of a pregnancy can be a challenge. But with the right contractors, helpers, planning and budget, you can build a home that suits your lifestyle, whether you have a young family or just starting one.

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