How Much Will Surrogacy Cost?

Surrogacy, a profound journey toward parenthood, often involves significant financial considerations. The cost of having a surrogate child can vary widely depending on several factors including the agency, legal fees, surrogate compensation, and medical expenses. Generally, in the United States, the total expenses can range from $90,000 to over $150,000.

The bulk of surrogacy costs typically go towards compensating the surrogate.

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This compensation includes base pay and additional allowances for maternity clothing, travel, and medical procedures that are not covered by insurance. Legal fees also represent a significant portion of the costs, as intended parents must ensure all agreements are legally binding and the parental rights are properly established.

Medical expenses can vary depending on whether the surrogate has her own health insurance that covers prenatal care and childbirth. If not, the intended parents will need to purchase a policy for her or cover these costs out-of-pocket. Furthermore, costs can escalate if multiple IVF cycles are needed or if complications arise during pregnancy.

Ultimately, while surrogacy can be expensive, many find the cost worthwhile to bring a surrogate child into their lives, fulfilling their dreams of parenthood. Prospective parents are encouraged to thoroughly research and plan financially for this life-changing endeavor.

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