How Has Art Inspired The Fashion and Looks of Drag Queens?


The divas of the fashion world are reigning over the 21st century. More and more people have become accepting of the drag queen and king culture. It not only opens doors for more opportunities but also promotes gender equality. Having the confidence to put yourself out there and own your style to the world is a great thing; you shouldn’t be afraid to express your individuality.

Drag queens are the best example; they exude the confidence and fashion most people wouldn’t dare to wear. They have that persona wherein they exude art with big wigs with bold colors they can change for every show from trusted wig companies, long nails, and that bold make-up look.

They are creators of their rights; here are reasons that explain how they are artistic:

Naturally inspired by the fashion industry

Quite often, they are discriminated against and persecuted by the things they choose as it goes against the gender norms built by society. But what people fail to realize is that the very same inspiration it originates comes from the surroundings they have with the same things that they weren’t allowed to use in the first place, all because of their gender. The fashion industry has inspired these drag queens to break the norm.

Drag Queen

Tv shows, movies, fashion icons

The entertainment industry influences everyone who has access to it, and drag queens are no exception. There’s nothing wrong with reinventing a certain look that’s been promoted. So long as you aren’t duplicating the look and passing it as you own, everything’s fine.

Clubs are gender-free

When one cross-dresses, you are faced with a lot of criticism and judgment by the public eye. In clubs, everyone is free to express their individuality, whether drag queens or drag kings, an area for entertainment and a safe space for coming out and expressing yourself, for people do not judge you for it.

London is a non-discriminatory country

Out of all the countries and cities drag queens are shunned and judged for, it’s refreshing to know that at least London isn’t one of them. It is a city that inspired and gave hope to many drag queens to continue fighting for gender equality for all genders and grow and own their own identity.

They like Barbie

Barbie is a very fashionable icon that was available and popular since way back; it’s a toy that has paved the way for many realizations and awareness of a drag queen’s becoming. The signature pink dress and blonde hair spark joy as it is a starting point to a drag queens’ journey.

Establish their own identity

Fashion is an expression of oneself, and it shouldn’t be gatekeeped nor be exclusive to a small group of people. Everyone should do what they want, especially drag queens who receive the most backlash from anyone out there. So long as it doesn’t hurt or disrespect anybody, it shouldn’t matter to anyone else but the person itself.

They like pageantry

Pageantry is one of the things that has been made exclusive to women for a long time, but it doesn’t mean that the audiences were only female. Pageantry gives drag queens the excitement and challenge to test out methods and ideas they’d want to execute in their style; it’s a fun competition that brings out their true selves.

A celebration of LGBTQ+ pride

Drag has always been about everyone openly expressing their femininity, accepting themselves without ever having the pressure to change their physical form or expressing their art to a community who appreciates it. It’s a lifestyle they choose to live by and should not be discriminated against. All genders should be celebrated, and there shouldn’t be any that’s biased or prioritized over the other.

They see life in vibrant colors

Drag queens bring excitement and ingenuity to life. Despite all the challenges and trials they have experienced, they don’t let it drag them down, for they know their worth, and that doesn’t stop them from expressing their art despite it all.

They want to be a role model

Drag as a whole is a phenomenon. Whether it’d be creating art that pushes boundaries or fighting for gender equality at the end of the day, they inspire people. They promote self-love and respect to all, and that is commendable in every way.

In the modern world, LGBTQ+ has and should be continued to be accepted by society. We must continue to fight and promote gender equality in all ways. Acceptance shouldn’t be made as an end goal, nor is it something to be earned as it is everyone’s birthright. What we can and can’t do shouldn’t be limited by society or anyone’s standards for that matter, fashion is for everyone and anyone there are no exceptions to it.

It’s fulfilling to see that drag queens are getting recognized and acknowledged more now than back then. They have their talk shows, companies, movies, tv shows, fashion lines, and community progressing immensely. They are proof that hard work and dedication will prevail more in life than any ridicule and gossip.

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