Here’s 10 Careers That Parents Can Start Online

As a parent, providing for your children and household is always a top priority, especially when it comes to earning a living and pursuing a career that is sustainable and stable long-term. If you are interested in diversifying your current income sources, and you want to do so by breaking free and working as an entrepreneur or on your own, you can now do so easier than ever with various online jobs and career paths, depending on your skills and the vision you have carved out for your future. With an understanding of different job industries today and the demands for certain skills, you can pivot your priorities to ensure you meet every and any goal you set in place.

1. Computer Science

If you are a parent who has a love for science, and you enjoy researching and learning new things when it comes to working with computers, consider working for an online computer science master’s degree. Obtaining a master’s degree in Computer Science will open many new doors when it comes time to search for work in any capacity, whether you are doing so independently or if you’re seeking a full-time position and career. Working in computer science will allow you the ability to find roles in many different sectors of technology today, from AI (Artificial Intelligence) to cloud computing and app development.

Once you’ve decided that computer science is the direction you want to go in, you can then begin seeking computer science degree programs at a local college or university near you or by enrolling in a virtual school that is accredited and appealing to you online. While browsing for a computer science degree program from an online or virtual university, be sure to seek reviews from past students while comparing itineraries, accreditation factors, and the pricing for the courses and/or degree program you are interested in at the time. The more familiar you are with popular computer science programs at colleges and online today, the easier it will be for you to find a suitable direction to go for your future in the field of computers and science once you have graduated.

2. Law

When you are a parent, pursuing a career that is stable, predictable, and rife with opportunities can help you find work when you need it most. If you have always had a penchant for justice or seeking justice for others, you may also want to consider seeking a career path in law. Even if you are unable to attend a traditional college or university program at the time, it may be possible for you to seek law undergraduate courses that you can take online from the comfort of your home.

If you are pondering the prospect of taking law courses to obtain your undergraduate law degree, it’s important to also spend a bit of time familiarizing yourself with the paths you will need to take after you have received your undergraduate degree, depending on the field of law you intend to practice in and represent. Once you have decided to go into law, you will also need to spend time researching courses and programs that are presented online to verify their authenticity and accreditation, depending on the type of position you are interested in for yourself. Finding the right law school or program can ultimately mean the difference between landing the career of your dreams or finding it nearly impossible to seek employment, even after you have graduated.

3. Dropshipping

If you are a parent who is tech-savvy with experience in retail, investing in your own dropshipping business is one venture to keep in mind, especially if you have a knack for selling or if you enjoy working from home with an online eCommerce storefront. If you are thinking of investing in a dropshipping business, you will need to get to know more about the process from start to finish while learning about different dropshipping companies and providers that may be appealing to you, based on your location and the type of products you intend to promote and sell. Anytime you want to go into the field of dropshipping, you will also need to define the target audience and demographics you intend to reach to maximize your ability to do so based on the type of inventory you choose to keep in stock and promote at all times.

Those who are thinking of going into the industry of dropshipping will need to understand the basics of operating and managing an eCommerce storefront, including finding the right small business IT support solutions you may require from time to time. Even though you are not required to stock inventory in your own home or warehouse when you’re involved in the dropshipping industry, you will still need to take the necessary measures to protect your online presence and any information you collect and store from your online visitors and customers. Once you are familiar with how to go about finding the right dropshipping provider and you have a target audience in mind, you can then move forward with your next career move while promoting in-demand products to the demographics you intend to reach from home.

4. Interior Design

If you have always had a knack for interior design, and you enjoy decorating and renovating interior spaces, working as a house painter or even as a solo interior designer is one career to consider and keep in mind, even if you are a parent in today’s busy world. From helping to design and decorate custom homes to working with specialized commercial buildings and environments, there are many different avenues to consider if you want to work as an interior designer in any capacity. Anyone who decides to work in interior design professionally will need to first take some time to build a portfolio while establishing an image as an industry authority.

While it is possible to attend art school to learn about the basics of art history, design, and interior elements, you can also learn how to integrate various decor items naturally and with experience and practice in your own time. Whether you have always had a dream of working on your own as an independent interior designer or if you’re interested in working for and representing a local firm, it is much easier to pursue career opportunities in the field of interior design once you have built an online presence and visual portfolio to demonstrate your skills and abilities. Cultivating an online following, building a portfolio website, and creating business cards to best represent you are just a few ways to go about successfully breaking into the world of interior design, regardless of your years of experience and where you are located.

5. Audiology

For lovers of music, sound, and all things audio, becoming an audiologist is another unique career path to consider, especially if you are a single or working parent, and you’re seeking opportunities from home. Working as an audiologist does not always require a degree, although a degree in a relevant field may help if you’re more inclined to work in formal research settings. When you want to work as an audiologist, you will often only need to invest in proper speakers, microphones, and sound systems, depending on the type of work you’re interested in for yourself. Finding a position as an audiologist can be done with local listings, although you will likely find it much easier to find a suitable role for you remotely by browsing online sites and directories before submitting your resume or application.

6. Accounts and Payroll

Those who are good at working with numbers and enjoy helping others with their finances may want to consider offering accounting services. Working with financial accounts and payroll services is a way to guarantee clients, especially if you work in a location that is rife with entrepreneurs and those who are also interested in starting their own businesses. If you are thinking of working with financial accounts and offering payroll solutions, you will need to complete various courses and programs to qualify as a professional CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, to get started in your firm while offering your services to independent clients.

7. Social Media Marketing

If you are the kind of parent who enjoys staying relevant in terms of tech and prefers working from home, pursuing a career in social media marketing may be the best path for you. Those who are familiar with social media will be aware of the business marketplace that is available and useful for selling and promoting products, services, or even useful content. Today, there are many schools offering online education in many industries and sectors today, including digital and social media marketing, making it easier than ever to get started on your next career path.

Working in social media will require you to become familiar with a wide range of popular platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tiktok, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Snapchat, depending on the type of content you will be producing and the businesses or brands you will be representing. The more familiar you are with ad servers included with each platform along with methods of maximizing your reach, the easier it will be for you to optimize campaigns for individual clients you take on. Immersing yourself in social media trends, algorithm shifts, and privacy policies will help you land new clients while making a name for yourself as a trusted and reliable social media marketer.

8. Therapy

If you are a parent who has a teen or child who struggles with mental health, pursuing a career as a teen therapy expert or learning the ins and outs of therapy can be extremely beneficial and fulfilling. Learning how to become a therapist from home can be done by enrolling in an accredited school or college of your choice. Whether you intend to work with adolescents who are struggling in similar ways as your teenager or if you want to help a wide range of demographics, you can do so by finding a suitable therapy education program that is right for you from a school or university you trust.

9. Real Estate

As a parent who is busy and active at all times, working in real estate may be appealing to you, especially if you enjoy homes and architecture. If you have always had a love for real estate or if you’re searching for ways to work independently, you can obtain your real estate license from the comfort of your home, online. Before you begin your real estate course, be sure to take the time to determine which certifications, programs, and qualifications are necessary for you to begin representing clients in any capacity as a real estate investor based on the current state you are in.

10. Graphic Design

If you are a parent who enjoys working creatively, and you want to do so on your own time, you might want to consider working as a graphic designer or an illustrator, depending on your skills and preferences when it comes to working for others. Working as a graphic designer does not require any form of formal education and can be done by simply building a name and professional portfolio for yourself, both locally and online, to align with the audience you intend to reach. If you are thinking of becoming a graphic designer, you will need to create an official website to showcase the work you have done for clients in the past. A virtual portfolio will help you maximize your reach while appealing to those who appreciate the same style and aesthetic of art you choose to produce.

When you are a parent, finding the perfect career opportunity for you and your family can make a world of difference in the lifestyle you lead and the stability you get to experience and enjoy each day. Whether you have always had a knack for working with real estate properties or you’re more creative, there are many different opportunities available when it comes to launching a business or starting a brand-new career virtually and online. From working as a professional marketer to offering local design services, the options are limited only by your imagination when it comes to working or running a business online as a parent today.



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