6 Steps To Take After Engagement To Have the Best Wedding


Congratulations! You just got engaged. You’re likely feeling a wide range of emotions—from elated to overwhelmed. But don’t worry! Here are some essential steps that you should take right after your engagement to help get the ball rolling on your wedding planning journey.

1. Set a Budget

Before you do anything else, setting a budget for your wedding is crucial. This will help you determine how much you can spend and what services or vendors you can afford.

For starters, you can decide whether you or your parents will pay for the wedding. You should also determine how much money you will spend on each aspect of the wedding, such as food and beverage, photography, and décor.

Additionally, setting a budget will give you an idea of the size of your wedding and any other associated costs. Knowing this information beforehand will save time and stress when it comes time to decide on the details like venue, catering, and entertainment.

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2. Establish Your Guest List

Create a tentative guest list, so you know approximately how many people will attend your special day. This will also help with budgeting because it gives you an idea of how much money you need for food and seating arrangements.

For instance, if you are having a larger wedding, it is nice to invite out-of-town family members and close friends from college. You can always trim down the list later if needed.

Make sure to include plus-ones if necessary, and ask both sets of parents if there are any special guests they would like to invite so that no one feels left out on such an important day in your life together!

3. Pick Your Venue

The venue is one of the most critical aspects of planning any event—especially a wedding! Start looking around early so that you have plenty of time to secure the perfect location for your special day.

When searching for venues, consider things like size, location, cost, and availability before making any final decisions or signing contracts. If possible, visit the venues in person before booking ahead so that there are no surprises once everything is all said and done!

For example, if you are having a destination wedding, be sure to take time to research the area and check out different hotels that may offer discounts for large groups.

4. Buy The Ring

After you get engaged, it is time to purchase the ring! Although this may seem daunting, it can be made easier by doing some research beforehand.

Look into exquisite diamond wedding rings to find the best quality and design for your needs. You can also ask friends or family members who have recently gone through the process for advice on where to shop.

Regardless, make sure to find a ring that is within your budget and one that you will enjoy wearing daily as a symbol of your commitment to each other. You can also customize the ring by adding personal touches like engravings.

5. Choose Your Wedding Party

Ask close friends or family members who have supported you throughout your relationship if they would like to join in on this joyous occasion by being part of the wedding party! They can serve as groomsmen or bridesmaids or even officiate the ceremony itself if they are qualified professionals in their respective fields.

Having them involved makes the experience even more meaningful since these individuals have been with you throughout this entire journey from start to finish! You can ask them to help with wedding-related tasks, like creating decorations or planning a fun bachelorette party.

Furthermore, it is nice to acknowledge them on a special day with small gifts to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

6. Start Hunting For Vendors

Now that some major decisions have been made (budgeting, guest list size, venue selection), it’s time to start researching vendors for services such as catering and photography, videography, or entertainment needs!

Again, research before signing contracts so there are no surprises down the line regarding delivery or payment due dates. Ask previous customers’ online reviews about their interactions with certain vendors and recommendations from friends and family members who may have recently tied the knot themselves.

If possible, try to establish a connection with the vendors and get to know them personally. This will help ensure that your wedding day is as perfect as possible!

Planning a wedding can be very stressful but also incredibly exciting at the same time! Taking small steps each day towards meeting goals allows couples to enjoy every moment leading up to their big day instead of feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to be done at once. By following these essential steps outlined above right after engagement—setting budgets, establishing guest lists and venue selections, picking a ring and wedding parties, and hunting for vendors—you’ll be well on your way towards making sure everything goes smoothly, leading up until “I do!”

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