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You need more than a day tour to appreciate every destination. Sure, you’ll get to see the famous spots, take travel photos to immortalize your visit, and contribute to the dialogue when your destination comes up in a conversation. However, a place is not defined by its tourist spots. And you’ll know why once you take the plunge to explore beyond what is written on the brochure.

You are lucky if you are blessed with a traveler’s eye—when you can find magic behind a locality’s everyday life when destination means arriving at an understanding about the people and culture you are immersing with. In reality, those who are given a chance to see the world have varying preferences when it comes to visiting a new place. Some prefer to slow down. Some enjoy exploring the road less traveled. Some like both. Either way, both require an open mind to appreciate what uniquely exists in a place. Only then can you gain a traveler’s eye, if you weren’t born with it.

When you think of a day tour in Seattle, you’ll surely encounter the Pike Place Market, Space Needle, and the Pioneer Square. Still, there is more to see. It’ll be better to search for hotels near Space Needle and experience a little bit more of Seattle—the way a local would. Here are the ways:

Sleep in and have brunch.

Traveling is exhausting. When you have time to spare, you can get that extra couple of hours to sleep in and recharge. That way, you’ll have the energy to go from point A to point B. It’s not a bad idea when you’re in Seattle, considering the number of popular brunch places around. You can go to Pete’s Eggnest for the chicken-fried steak and eggs or to Skillet Diner for the Seattle classic like waffles with pork belly. There are alternative options as well if you have dietary restrictions. Portage Bay has vegan and gluten-free dishes to tickle your taste buds.

Explore downtown Seattle on foot.

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When you enlist in a tour, you can’t explore much because of the time limit given to you. The great thing about staying for more than a day is that you can dictate your own pace. Walk around the neighborhood; stop if you want to. You can put your focus on what interests you. From crafts made by local artisans to quaint cafes serving Seattle coffee, you’ll get to know the place more by taking your time to see, listen, taste, and feel.

End the night with a glass of local beer.

Seattle is known for its microbreweries and local beers on tap. You can see that all the popular Seattle bars offer home-brewed beer. Grabbing a pint will give you a great chance to meet the locals in the area. They can point you towards the secret spots that remain unknown to tourists. If you want options, the Beer Junction has more than a thousand brew varieties from around the globe. For a taste that captures the Seattle buzz, you can go to Hilltop Ale House and try what’s on their beer menu for that season.

The truth is, there is no definite way to travel. Do what feels natural to you. But as you experience what others deem as beautiful, may you find your meaning of the word.

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