Essential Winter Wardrobe Items for the Fashionista

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Winter is coming and we are all super excited to wear our faux fur coats, opaque tights, and knee-high boots without having to worry about sweating throughout the day. Even during this pandemic, we still deserve to go out and dress up in nice clothes. For this coming Christmas, we have more pieces to work with as face masks have been established as part of our normal wardrobe. They can now be used as an accessory just as much as they are used as safety measures against the spreading of the novel coronavirus.

But because we’ve been inside our homes for too long and because we missed flaunting our fashion last Christmas, here are some ideas to help you rejuvenate your style inspiration for every event you might be attending this winter season.

Outdoor Casual

If you will be walking outside for some time, you may want to dress more specifically for the cold. The key here is wearing layers to keep yourself warm but choosing the right fabrics to avoid adding too much material which may restrict your movement. Start with any kind of top that you like and layer something like a flannel shirt or a vest with some insulation.

You may want to avoid wearing skirts and opt for denim or faux leather pants which will keep you warm for longer. You can top it off with a nice, long coat and other accessories like a knitted beanie, scarf, winter gloves, and boots or sneakers.

Dinner Party

Dinner party outfits during the winter usually consist of more figure-hugging clothes made of cozier fabrics. Turtlenecks and mock neck shirts are popular choices, typically in dark or neutral shades. Don’t be afraid to wear short skirts despite the cold. Play with different materials like pleather or suede and different silhouettes like pencil cuts and box pleats. You can always warm your legs with leggings or even two layers of stockings for a more opaque look.

Cropped jackets, either faux fur, puffer, or even denim, have seen a rising trend for those who like a more defined hourglass figure. For more formal dinner parties, heels are a must with some dainty silver or gold accessories, otherwise classic boots may suffice.

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Sporty looks are always welcome for winter. You should find yourself playing with comfortable yet warm pieces that are relatively looser than tight. Sweats are good for those who will actually engage in dynamic activities but tights or leggings will do for those who only want the athleisure look.

Trainers are essential in this kind of style, making you look effortless yet very put-together. But ski fashion is a different look which is becoming more diverse and colorful. There are even the men’s Arcteryx ski pants for your partner to match you when you decide to wear a ski look.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is usually celebrated with loved ones, friends, and family so you don’t really have to glam everything up (unless you want to, then you should). Usual Christmas outfits are themed with red and green colors and “ugly” knitted sweaters. But you can make it fashionable by sticking with the theme while swapping your clothing options.

Plaids are common patterns but you can get away with just a patterned scarf. Reds can be pushed to pink shades that may be more your style. A faux fur is still an option but velvet can be more toned down.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve outfits are more like the usual party outfits full of glitter and sparkles. You can take out all your sparkly jewelry and accessorize your neutral or dark clothes. Mini slip dresses are a classic for New Year parties but you can also wear more masculine silhouettes with a power suit or asymmetrical jumpsuit to switch things up. The cold may still be harsh around that time so cover up with a long coat that will warm you right up

Colors are also something to play with. Reds, golds, and silvers are popular colors but metallic fabrics in every color can be just as cheerful for the coming of a brand-new year.

Of course, different situations may call for different wardrobe choices and you can always go with your gut and be unique with how you wear your clothes. But the essentials are listed above to help you get started with brainstorming your winter outfits. Just remember to keep track of the temperature so that you don’t get too hot under thick clothes or get too cold when you are underdressed. And don’t be afraid to make bold statements with your clothing pieces just because it’s kind of gloomy and frosty outside. Wear whatever you want and be yourself to fully enjoy this coming holiday.

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