Pampering Your Pet with These D.I.Y. Crafts

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Pets are man’s best friend. Your furry pal gives you a sense of happiness that no other person might ever be able to offer. Just¬†being there gives you an instant serotonin boost that lifts your mood every time you find yourself in a rut. Even though they don’t seem to do much, we rarely acknowledge how they help us get through the daily struggles that we experience as human beings. And sometimes, you want to tell your pet how thankful you are for them, but you don’t quite get how you can pass the human and animal language barrier.

Apart from feeding them and grooming them, there are many more ways to show your pet that you care for them or feel extra thankful for their presence. You can sign them up for dog training services to get the old kennel brain working, or you can bust a sweat making customized stuff that they would surely love! From reconstructing their home to making them a new dog bed, all of these cute and heartfelt things are actually within your reach. Sounds fun!

That said, if you’re a first-timer in D.I.Y. projects, then you might not be entirely sure where to start or what materials to use. Hence, it is recommended that you ask for help from a friend or a partner, especially when you’re not confident in hammering nails and handling sharp tools; safety first as always. However, most of the projects that we will suggest here are relatively straightforward. The thing that you need to have in mind while doing this project is that you enjoy what you are doing and ensure that your pet will love it.

Apart from saving a lot of money, doing D.I.Y. projects for your pet gives you a different sense of fulfillment. Thus, here is a list of commonly done D.I.Y. projects that your pet will surely give you all the kisses for.

Posh Cat Litter Station

Cat litters are not the prettiest item to have, but you ultimately need them to get the stink from your cat’s poop out of your house. With this D.I.Y. project, not only do you give your kitty the glorious toilet that they deserve, but you are also given the creative liberty to design the cat litter station following the theme of your whole house. Give your cat some alone time, and create a posh new area for your home while still taking care of your cat’s business!

D.I.Y. Cat/Dog Toy Box

Pets are basically less able children, they enjoy toys, but they can’t easily be taught to clean up after having fun. In a way, the scattered toys all around the house create a nuisance for the people living in the house because they might trip on a ball or hurt their foot stepping on a hard toy. So, instead of buying a conventional toy box from the pet store, why not create one for yourself? Just follow these simple steps to get that functional yet snazzy box for your pet’s goodies!

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Handmade or Sewn Chew Toy

Dogs and cats alike love to chew on various things. When they’re still kittens or puppies, the fear of waking up to your expensive pair of flip-flops being chewed up is more than likely to happen. Hence, pet owners buy their pets chew toys to redirect their attention from the things they shouldn’t chew. However, some pets like to play it rough, and that 1-dollar chew toy that you got won’t even last for a week. Hence, to save you the frustration and money, why not grab an old cloth and some stuffing that you have and make your chew toy?

Comfy D.I.Y. Sweater Bed

Did you ever have that one scratchy and worn-out sweater that you don’t know what to do with? Well, if you do, instead of throwing it out, might as well make it an upcycled pet bed for your beloved furry pal? By following these simple instructions, you do not only save tens of dollars from buying that perfect fuzzy bed that your pet would love to snuggle in, but you also give your pet the comfort of smelling your scent on the old sweater that you used to have!

D.I.Y. Car Hammock for Pets

A lot of pets love riding along with their owners. From a quick trip to the park to that dreaded trip to the vet, pets often sit in the backseat when mommy/daddy is driving. However, pets also shed a lot, and it isn’t exactly the best scenario for owners that want to keep their backseats clean and free of fur.

So, to ensure maximum comfort for your pet no matter what bumpy road you may get into, why not create D.I.Y. Car Hammock for your furry friend? Just grab a cloth that you haven’t used in a while, and follow these quick instructions. After doing so, you do not only give your pet a comfortable resting spot, but it’s also pretty beneficial for you to save you the hours you’ll spend vacuuming those tiny pet hairs.

With these ideas, you can give your pets some pampering and the love they deserve. So grab what you need and start creating!

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