Christmas Menu: 9 Food Ideas Fit for the Holidays

Salt-Roasted Prime Ribs

When you think of the holidays, great and sumptuous food is one of the first things that come to mind. Simply thinking about the dinner table filled with all sorts of delectable dishes, yummy sides, and fancy desserts is enough to give one hunger pangs for the entire day.

In light of all the feasting and merrymaking this season, you must first prepare yourself physically and mentally. Your health is still the most important thing amidst all the fun and festivities.

Eat moderately and do your best to still go for a well-balanced diet. It’s hard, we know, but not impossible.

Get your teeth checked. You wouldn’t want to miss out on great food just because you failed to pay your dentist. If you need to have your dentures fixed, several reputable clinics offer dental implants in Townsville, Queensland, or any other town and city all over Australia. It’s best to get that out of the way before the eating gets serious.

Prepare yourself mentally for all the unavoidable stress during the holidays. Having the right mindset does wonders for a person’s attitude and behavior during this busy season.

That being said, let’s get right down to business!

9 Mouthwatering Food Ideas You Can Serve Your Friends And Family During The Holidays


1. Dry-Brined Roasted Turkey with Lemon and Rosemary

Turkey makes for a great and healthier alternative to the traditional Christmas ham. This recipe will pack that crispy turkey with so much flavor you won’t want to leave the table.

2. Shrimp Scampi with Linguine

This simple yet flavorful Italian classic is a sure hit especially to seafood lovers among your friends and family.

3. Salt-Roasted Prime Ribs

Do you want your meat juicy and perfectly pink inside? The salt crust on this dish shields your meat from the air preventing it from entering and drying the meat.

4. Yorkshire Pudding

How can you enjoy your prime ribs without this delectable side dish? Ribs and pudding go hand-in-hand, like milk and cookies or coffee and cream.

5. Roasted Maple Pears with Cranberries and Thyme

The combination of the herby flavor from thyme and the sweetness of pear makes for an extremely delicious and tasty side dish.

6. Bacon Potatoes Au Gratin

This side dish is one of those comfort foods that seem to take you on a trip down memory lane. Only great memories here with every bite you take of this creamy and chunky side.

7. Double White Chocolate Cake

double white chocolate

What’s a Chrismas dinner without a slice of yummy cake? This dessert is a great way to end any holiday meal in style.

8. Snowball Cupcakes

Imagine a thick layer of rich buttercream icing and shredded coconut on snowball shaped cupcakes? Sounds like an awesome treat, right? Well, that’s because it is!

9. Cinnamon Roll Cake Pops

This bite-sized treat is easy to prepare and is good for either breakfast or dessert. Both kids and kids-at-heart will love this delectable treat.

We hope you liked the dishes that we listed here. You don’t have to stick to what’s listed above. There are a lot of wonderful food ideas available online. Simply make sure you down your meal with enough water and don’t forget to brush your teeth. Happy holidays!

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