Choosing the Perfect House Plant According to Your Blood Type

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Taking care of a house plant is not easy. Each kind demands different levels of care, attention, and responsibility for it to grow happy and healthy. The trick is picking the right species that fits your schedule and personality.

But where’s the fun in choosing a succulent plant right off the bat if you’re a beginner or a tricolor Stromanthe for that colorful oomph? Your blood type can also shed light on your dominant personality traits, giving insight into the kind of house plant you should get.

The Blood Type Personality Theory

Japanese and Koreans believe in a person’s blood type. They think it can be predictive of a person’s personality, even using the method to decide marriage compatibility. That is their version of astrology and star signs. It is common to hear, “What’s your blood type?” in those countries compared to “What’s your sign?” in the Western part of the world. Much like the zodiac signs, each blood type has its unique characteristics, dominant behavior, and weaknesses.

Type A Blood

People with type A blood are usually regarded as well-organized, believing that everything has their place. They also prefer to plan everything down to the littlest detail, which can make them stressed during uncertain and spontaneous situations. In the same thread, they value harmony and dislike anyone that will endanger that peace.

High-maintenance house plants like the Zebra plant, Azalea, and Orchid can thrive under their care as they can match the needed level of responsibility. They will regularly check soil moisture, manage sunlight and humidity, and have a schedule of when they should water the plants. Anyone would trade their arm and leg for the Type A’s management skills.

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Type B Blood

Creativity lives in the blood of type B individuals. They are graphic designers, make-up artists, and brand managers. Their curiosity leads them to make patterns and connections out of seemingly unrelated ideas. On the other hand, they can also lose interest quickly, suffering from doing menial and clerical work.

Their house plants should follow the creative streak of their owner. The dramatic foliage of the Croton, the interesting design of the Swiss Cheese plant, and the vibrant flowers of the African violet will feel at home in the middle of Type B’s living space.

Type O Blood

Optimistic and outgoing best encapsulate the personality of a type O person. They can pick up on the mood of the group and make it happier and more exciting. Though, they may also come off as selfish due to their high standards and lack of attention to the little things. Type O individuals are considered warriors by the Japanese because of their strength and resilience.

The best house plants for the Type O blood are those that are also resilient and extroverted. Bromeliads sport bright and long-lasting flowers and can be taken care of with little effort. Spider plants are another option with their adaptability to different conditions, thriving even if they’re placed in bathrooms.

Type AB Blood

Often considered as dual-natured, people with blood type AB have personality traits seen in types A and B. They can be organized like the A types but also dabble in chaotic creativity like the B types. Due to the constant shifts in personality, people see them as eccentric and hard to get to know. They are also the rarest blood type in the world.

Unique and weird house plants capture the type AB blood the best. They can get Under the Sea succulents for that underwater vibe or the urchin-like Euphorbia obesa. The low-maintenance Tillandsia is also a suitable choice with their ability to grab water and nutrients out of the air.

House plants are becoming popular additions to homes, particularly for small apartments surrounded by a forest of towering buildings and concrete roads. These botanical beauties give a splash of color and vibrancy to an otherwise dull corner.

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