Achieve Overall Wellness With These Five Simple Health Hacks


These difficult times are the perfect wake-up call for everyone taking their health and wellness for granted. We learned just how crucial it is to start living a healthier life. If we want to reduce our risk of getting incredibly sick due to the virus, then it becomes a must that we do everything we can to stay healthy and achieve overall wellness.

Health experts continue to recommend adequate sleep, healthy eating habits, and regular exercise. But aside from these, there are other things worth giving a try that can help boost your overall wellness. These can include the following.

Consider Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Many people seek CAM as a way to boost their health and wellness for centuries now. These are not your typical medical care that doctors use to treat patients and their symptoms. But some CAMs are scientifically proven to help people in many ways.

Take chiropractic care, for instance. Before many people would only visit clinics offering chiropractic care to seek assistance for their back and shoulder pain. But with its increasing popularity, many are now visiting chiropractors for many reasons, including wellness care.

Such practice can help improve your blood flow, relieve your pain, and increase your overall mobility. When you get relief from consistent pain and you can finally move better, your stress levels are reduced and you feel better and happier. You can finally go back to doing the activities you like and be able to stay active to stay healthy.

Walk More if You Don’t Like Running

Many people are not fond of running. This is especially true for those who have a hard time catching their breath after only a few minutes of running. You can go for a leisurely workout instead with the help of walking.

Brisk walking can be as nearly as effective in reducing your risk of developing serious health conditions. The key is to ensure you cover the same distance you often take when running. Also, maintain a pace that can keep your heart pumping and elevated.

If you have joint or muscle aches, then running can only worsen your health issues. This is since running puts more pressure on your spine and joints. Consider walking more steps each day and insert more exercises when doing your household chores for the same health benefits.

Stay Optimistic

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It can be extremely hard to stay optimistic during these trying times. You could be struggling mentally, financially, and emotionally, which makes it quite impossible to maintain a good attitude.

But did you know that optimism does more than simply boost your mood and brighten your day? According to studies, optimistic people do live longer than their pessimistic counterparts. This gives us more reasons to stay positive despite everything that is happening nowadays.

Remember that optimism does not necessarily mean living in a fantasy of purely good things. It is about acknowledging negative events but thinking the situation is only temporary. They believe good outcomes are likely to happen and will actually do their best to achieve a more positive future.

The good news is, you can actually train yourself to be more positive. You can start by always looking for the positive side of things and accepting the things you can’t control. Shy away from negative people, limit your news consumption, and start a gratitude journal.

Stand Up More Often

If your job requires you to sit multiple hours each day, then you could already be at risk for many health conditions. Excessive sitting hurts your heart, messes up your waistline, increases your risk of developing diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, and a whole series of other conditions. By skipping the chair, you can burn up to 72 calories in an eight-hour shift.

Thankfully, many employers now encourage their employees to stand up and walk around more. If you work from home, consider getting a standing desk. This will encourage you to stand up as you work or even exercise your feet as you type away on your computer.

Choose Your Peers Well

The people you choose to keep close can help you achieve your health or goals or ruin your health. If you continue being around toxic people, you will feel stressed out. They can stop you from trying to adopt healthy habits and hold you back from being healthy.

Toxic friends can also discourage you from engaging in activities that make you feel good. This can be a hobby you always wanted to try or a passion you’ve been yearning to chase. Let go of relationships that do more harm to your health than good and keep your friends close who are supportive of your health goals.

There is no easy way to achieve overall wellness. But your acknowledgment that you need to work hard to achieve better health and wellness is a good way to start. Be willing to chase after better health and wellness and you will find it easier to get through any challenges that life has to throw at you.

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