A Mothers Guide to Baby Swim Lessons

Teaching a baby to swim can provide parents and their babies fun in the water. In this YouTube video, viewers can learn strategies to get their babies used to the water. Teaching a baby to swim can also ensure safety. If a baby accidentally falls into water, knowing how to swim can save their lives.

Swimming lessons for a baby typically begin with placing the baby on the parent’s lap as they sit in the water.

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The baby should be encouraged to lie on their back in the water, but if they are fearful, they can sit up. The parent can place one hand under the baby’s belly while propelling the baby’s legs to kick.

After this, the baby will need another safety lesson by holding onto the side of the pool. The parent can sing a song as they guide the baby around the sides of the pool. After this, the parent should allow the baby to crawl out of the pool, using their own power.

While at the side, the parent can make a game of jumping into and out of the pool. Parents should be sure to carefully place water on the baby’s face so they aren’t afraid of water on the face. Swim lessons with a parent can be fun, but they also ensure the baby’s water safety.

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